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If you are a past contestant, elected director or officer, family member, or friend of Minnesota High School Rodeo then you can become a member of the MNHSRA Alumni Foundation. Please considering joining! It is inexpensive and you will be helping to support and sustain high school rodeo in the state of Minnesota.


We welcome membership into the MNHSRA Alumni Foundation!

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Our History

The MHSRA Alumni Foundation was officially founded in 2004. This was shortly after a group of former contestants and directors gathered in November of 2003 to discuss how we, as a collective group, might continue to help the sport of rodeo in the state and support the Minnesota High School Rodeo Association, which is what the letters MHSRA stand for. The MHSRA Alumni Foundation is currently only one of three official non-profit high school rodeo alumni groups in the country

As we looked at the history of MHSRA dating back to 1956, we saw a strong contestant entry and return rate coming from generations of families who had once participated in the sport of high school rodeo. As well as a trend toward a kindred of spirit of former members, or a fellowship being shared toward the western heritage among former rodeo participants.

Since the very beginning raising scholarships for higher education for graduating high school seniors has been at the core.


Below are some of our accomplishments to date:

  • Hosted three annual Cowboy Balls (2005, 2006, 2007), semi-annual Cowboy Round Up 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019. This is a social function for alumni and friends of Rodeo, as well as a fundraising event.
  • Donated the 50 Year Anniversary Flag (1956-2006) for Grand Entries at all State and National Rodeos.
  • Donated a second arena to the MHSRA known as the Tractor Supply Arena. (valued at $15K)
  • Donated a trailer to haul the second arena on.
  • Provide an annual presence at State Finals with the Alumni Hospitality Booth and help MHSRA connect with resources, such as arena judges, Queens judges, Queen Contest Coordinators and Co-Sponsoring BBQs.
  • Provide a joint partnership with fundraisers as needed, such as the 2008 R4/Alumni Jackpot Barrel Race in Farmington, the 2007 Dale Sandven Benefit.
  • Sponsored two Annual HS Senior Scholarships per year for five years (2005-2009) which memorialize past alumni members who have died as well as providing all judges for the scholarship programs. There are eight memorialized alumni to date are: 
    Ken Carlson, Ken Rehbein, Gary Bose, Jerry Zins, Bud Sandberg, Martha Mooney, Susan (Aus) Hammer, Wally Steiner, and Tim Baer.